Class Descriptions

Auburn Yoga Studio offers the following Adult group classes both In-Studio and Online.

Private sessions are available.

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Yoga Class Descriptions - Auburn Yoga Studio Auburn CA

Both Yoga and Stretch regimes are increasingly being integrated into elite training programs for athletes (professional or amateur).

Beginning Gentle Yoga

Instructor: Gwenn Jones ~ In-Studio ~ Beginning Yoga is an ongoing class designed first to meet the needs of those new to yoga asana. It is also for those in post-recuperation mode, or those wanting to rekindle the practice. The results you will find are increased mobility, flexibility, and balance. Class is slow-paced and focused on clear and safe postural alignment in foundational poses. You will learn to integrate this with the breath and movement of your body. If you have never tried yoga this class is perfect for you.  You might later move on to a another level or stay forever and enjoy the enrichment of your new body and mind awareness!  [70 min. Wednesdays]

Yin-Restorative Yoga

Instructor: Susan Hayes ~ In-Studio & ZOOM Online ~ This class consists of Restorative yoga postures to relax the body deeply, which in turn enables the body to heal itself. Restorative yoga postures are also done on the floor using yoga props such as bolsters and blankets to enhance your comfort level. This allows for a longer-held, deeper stretch as the body relaxes on the props, helping us remain in the postures longer as stress drains away. The class ends with a restorative deep relaxation followed by a brief meditation. LEVEL: Appropriate for all; modification-friendly, slow-paced. [90 min. Thursdays in-Studio; Fridays Online). Call Susan at 530.878-7065 to register.]

Strength Yoga

Instructor: Gwenn Jones ~ In-StudioFor active individuals who want to stay active!  Dedicated to building bone density and muscle strength, this lively and supportive environment awaits you. Early prevention of Osteoporosis is essential, and stopping it – just as vital. In addition to strength-building, these slow-to-moderately paced postures, sometimes augmented with the use of dumbbells, enhance lean physiques, improve balance, and increase our stamina. Postures are held for several breath cycles. This builds body heat, activates major muscles, and increases caloric-burn. Our breath, our concentration, and our center fire up. You will be inspired to explore and respect your full potential in this session. You might just discover a joyful new normal!   LEVEL: 2  Modification-friendly. [70 min. Wednesdays; not for beginners.]

Seniors Yoga

Instructor: Susan Hayes ~ In-Studio & ZOOM Online ~ Yoga for Seniors is a fun and gentle yoga class that emphasizes bone strengthening, balance, and gentle stretching to make the joints more flexible, and reduce stress. Using hand weights as well as weight-bearing yoga postures, strengthens the bones. This in turn prevents bone-density loss. Using the wall and chairs for assistance allows us to practice balancing postures in a safe manner. With deep breathing exercises and deep relaxation, we allow our body to come back into balance, healing itself. Everyone is invited to try this unique class — from absolute beginners to aspiring yogis! LEVEL: Excellent for all levels. [75 min. Tuesdays In-Studio, Wednesdays Online] 

Soft Yoga & Stretch (Mild)

Instructor: Gwenn ~ In-Studio ~ Yoga postures and transitions encompass this 50/50 format (for high-beginners and above). This slow practice consistently encourages work “from our foundation, outward.” This helps reduce stress, pain, respiration rate, and blood pressure as we increase concentration, flexibility, muscle tone and stability. Proper technique is cultured. We modify and use props to address back and joint issues or other limitations to make your practice comfortable. Generous stretch time completes the body and mind work as we focus on deep breathing with stretches that facilitate mobility and comfort. Prepare to leave class with joy and self-acceptance!  LEVEL 1, 1+.  Appropriate for high-beginner-to-intermediate, and/or low mobility, a gentle practice.  Pace: Slow [70 min. Mondays, in-studio]

Splendid Stretch

Instructor: Gwenn ~ In-Studio ~ Our fresh Friday stretch class is a decade-long favorite!  Always diverse, this session restores your mind and body to calm while rekindling muscle pliability.  Post-warmup; stretches are slowly entered into for complete release to elongate muscles and relax tight zones. A prolonged hold in position allows your body to fully relax into the posture with each breath. These group stretch classes truly benefit  people who perhaps lack patience, or do not create stretching time on their own. Your level is your decision. Whether intense or modest, the results feel fabulous. This session is a triple pleasure of the health benefits of stretching, the relaxation, and a vibrant group that enjoys it all!  Modification-friendly.  LEVEL: Suitable for all. [70 min. Fridays] 

Splendid Stretch 2

Instructor: Gwenn ~ In-Studio ~ Are you ready for extraordinary improvement? This spirited class begins movement-based to bring on sufficient body temperature elevation to safely access our own full range of motion of the major joints. This class is for anyone who wishes to improve general physical performance, decrease stiffness, reduce the chance of injury during physical activities, experience overall less pain with movement, or to just ‘get moving.’ Stretching is a vital part of an active lifestyle and great fun with the motivation of group camaraderie. Modification-friendly. LEVEL: Suitable for all. [70 min. Fridays]


Instructor: Susan Hayes ~ ZOOM Online ~ A perfect complement to your yoga discipline, core strength, and body conditioning regimen, this session adapts yoga asanas with a stability ball practice. The ball provides extra support to increase range of motion while you stabilize your body, build endurance, boost bone density, and improve technique. A great early-week session and breath of fresh air! LEVEL: Excellent for all levels. [40 min. Mondays]  Pace: Slow.